Yeah baby! Watch Bill Gates and Steve Balmer’s amazing Austin Powers parody


3, 2019

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Microsoft Ex-CEO Steve Balmer have a close personal and professional relationship. Back in 2000, Steve Balmer took the reins of Microsoft after Bill Gates stepped down to devote more of his time to the foundation. Bill Gates made this announcement at CES 2000 and Steve Balmer assumed the role of CEO.

During his time as an employee and CEO, Steve Balmer made numerous goofy videos which usually featured Bill Gates. One such video lost in the abyss was recently discovered by BNN Bloomberg anchor Jon Erlichman. The video features Gates as Austin Powers and Ballmer as Dr Evil. The video is a hilarious parody of the 1997 action/comedy Austin Powers.

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Personally I love Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer’s “The Office”-style mockumentary from CES 2000 and who could forget their Developers, Developers, Developers chant on stage. Do you have a favourite Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer moment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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