Volta is a grip and a tripod with a remote control feature and charges capability

hands holding Volta Battery and Remote Control Grip with a GoPro camera attached
The Volta Battery and Remote Control Grip

The battery is usually one of the main issues of using action cameras, especially when filming at high resolutions. Fortunately, there are some deals that will provide you with two batteries for the unit, so you can use the other one as a backup when the first one empties. But, won’t it be more convenient if you wouldn’t have to change the battery of your sports cam after every hour? Well, if you own a HERO9 Black or HERO10 Black, you have a better option through Volta.

“HERO10 Creator Edition is like having Hollywood in your hand. It’s the perfect setup for recording professional-quality video when vlogging, filmmaking, or even live streaming,” said GoPro CEO and Founder Nicholas Woodman in GoPro’s post. “Leave the extra batteries and gear behind, all you need is the Creator Edition and you can create cinematic magic—all day long. You’ll have to recharge and refuel yourself before you even think about recharging your GoPro.”

HERO10 Black usually lasts for only 56 minutes under 5.3K60fps video resolution, but Volta’s 4,900mAh battery can bump up the said number up to 4 hours at the same high-resolution mode, given the camera battery itself is completely charged. According to GoPro, this increases the battery time of the cam up to 3x. And when you choose to record videos using lower resolutions, the battery time can be extended even more. 

It will supply power for your GoPro using a USB-C cable that you need to plug into the device. On the other hand, it charges via a USB-C port for charging itself. According to claims of GoPro, the Volta can be charged in full for just two and a half hours with GoPro Supercharger (sold separately), while its quick-charge mode will allow it to go from 0 to 60 percent in just an hour.

Another big attraction of Volta, on the other hand, is its ability to double as a grip and a tripod stand. You can keep the built-in legs folded if you just want to use it as a short selfie stick and get a good framing angle of yourself during shots. When you unfold them, they will serve as a stable support for Volta when you want to use it as a tripod for group photos, extended time-lapse footage, and other stationary shots. You can also attach it to your GoPro backpacks, bike mounts, straps, and more by folding out its mounting fingers, and it is compatible with GoPro Mods and other GoPro accessories.

In addition, it features built-in buttons when you use it as a grip, allowing one-hand control. It includes buttons to power on/off, start/stop capture, and switch modes. There are even status lights for battery life and the camera mode in use. And thanks to its remote capability via Bluetooth, users can use Volta to trigger shots up to 98 feet or 30 meters away. As a standalone remote control, it is applicable not just to HERO 9 and 10 Black but also to GoPro’s 360-degree Max camera and other older Hero models.

On the other hand, while GoPro states that it has a “weather-resistant design” that is “fit for rain and snow conditions,” it is important to note that it is not really 100% water resistant. Using it underwater can cause damage to the electronics of your camera and Volta itself.

Volta is already available as a standalone purchase and offers at least a 31% discount to GoPro subscribers. GoPro also recommends availing the Volta through its “HERO10 Black Creator Edition” pack that comes with a HERO10 Black unit, a Media Mod, and a Light Mod.

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