Vodafone Italy release Vodafone My Business App

by Surur
August 7, 2014

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Plaffo.com reports that Vodafone Italy has release their official Vodafone My Business app for their business users.

The app allows users to keep an eye on their spending,
traffic use and find Vodafone Support centres near them.

If you are a business customer the app offers the following features:QRCode

  • Counters: Displays all counters active offers and allows you to indicate which set them as favourites.
  • Invoices: displays the history of invoices and allows you to send via email and download a copy in PDF format
  • Abroad: Displays information about the base rates for
    call, send messages and browse from abroad, promotions dedicated a list of operators and services available.
  • Find-Point Support: Research Point Support Vodafone closer the current position or at a specific address.
  • Contact: See the faq, request the assistance of an operator through chat or book personal advice from an expert

Business users can register directly using the app.

Download it from the Windows Phone Store here.

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