VLC may be coming to the Hololens and other Windows Holographic device


Microsoft’s Hololens has primarily been marketed at gamers and creative types, but there’s appeal for casual users as well.

With the ability to run universal apps, users will be able to use Twitter, Skype and YouTube from the comfort of…wherever they’re looking.

While the Hololens doesn’t run traditional Windows apps, it does run Windows store apps including media oriented apps like Microsoft films and TV, Groove Music, Deezer among others.

VLC is now also hinting at  plans to make its new Universal Windows App available to Hololens devices.

Now, while the company hasn’t come out to say the app will be available on Hololens, the image of the app running on Hololens as well as the stated plans to bring the app to the Windows 10 platform virtually all add up to a confirmation.

Would you be happy to run VLC for Windows 10 on your Hololens? Let us know in the comments below.