VLC for Windows Phone and Windows 8 gets closer to release as VideoLan gets Audio working in Metro


We had hoped to have a working VLC player to Windows 8 Metro by April this year, but clearly the schedule has slipped a bit, due to multiple limitations the frustrated VideoLan team have posted about on their Kickstarter page.

The team eventually managed to get a version of the app certified in the Windows 8 store, but to do this they had to drop Audio support from their video player, a rather fatal limitation.

At the time they wrote:

We were able to integrate a new networking layer, without violating the Store guidelines,  work-around the threading limitations (with a hack, though) and rewrite some more code.

So far, the main issue is that to pass the validation, we had to cut the audio completely.
Who needs audio to play a movie anyway?
We have a theoretical solution, but it still fails for unknown reasons.

We are working on fixing this audio issue and we will share a build to you backers, as soon as it is done.

Now, as can be seen in the above tweet, they appear to have navigated their way around the obstacles which prevented Audio playback, and as one of the last reasons why the app has still not been published we are hopeful that it will not be long before we see the multi-codec player in the Windows 8 and Windows Phone Store.

Thanks Joe for the tip.