Visionox start mass-producing the first fully under-screen front-facing smartphone camera


8, 2020

Chinese display company Visionox has announced the first mass-produced fully under-display smartphone camera.

The OLED display features a new pixel structure, highly transparent materials, a special pixel arrangement and new driving circuitry.

Due to all these innovations, the under-screen camera is virtually undetectable, with no brightness differences, colour changes, and viewing angle differences between the transparent sub-screen and the rest of the screen.

The first handsets using the technology will be released soon. It is not known which device will feature the new screen, but Oppo had earlier demonstrated a device with an under-screen camera, but said they could not ship it as mass production was too difficult, a barrier which now appears to have been overcome.

See Visionox’s promotional video, posted by Ice Universe, below:

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