Viber puts development of its Windows 10 apps on hold

The instant messaging service Viber is reportedly halting support for Windows 10 PCs and Mobile phones due to a lack of adequate resources.

In an email to a concerned customer, a representative of the firm explained that “in order to allocate [their] limited company resources in the most efficient way possible, [they] had decided to put any updates on Windows Phone 10 and Windows 10 on hold”.

The  support went on to further state that “there are no version releases planned in the foreseeable future”.

Reading between the lines there, we can surmise that Viber did not see suitable traction of its Windows 10 apps in comparison with its apps on other platforms and will no longer be wasting resources to build two apps for Windows users on one version of the OS when they can just build one that works on all relevant Windows users.

Viber was one of the apps Microsoft first showed off as an example of its Universal Windows Platform and was pushed by Microsoft (with prominent placement in the store), but with the decline of the mobile counterpart of the universal platform it makes less sense for Viber to maintain two apps for one platform.

The apps are still functional for now, and they’re definitely well designed and well built. However, if you’re a Viber power user, you’ll be better off sticking with Viber’s classic Windows PC app available here.

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