Viber for Windows 10 updated with user experience improvements




Viber app was recently updated to v6.6 in Windows Store. The update brings a number of design and functionality improvements which makes the app easier to use, including:

  • Changes to the Share UI with new options and improved photo sharing.
  • After Tapping on the share icon in chat windows you will now be able to see six options – to send photo & video; take photo & video; send file (NEW); share contact; send location (NEW); hold & talk.
  • Viber now has a built-in photo picker opening by default when you tap on the share icon.
  • You can attach one or more photos and send at the same time. Currently, you can only attach one photo and send for the PC version.
  • A new sharing menu.

Download the update from the Windows store using the store link below,

Price: Free
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