Viber adds self-destructing secret chats into its messaging service

Viber is making its app more security oriented in the future. The firm is introducing self-destructing secret chats into the framework. Much like Snapchat and Google’s Allo, with Viber’s secret chat’s you are allowed to set a timer on your conversation which will vanish once the timer runs out.

The firm’s secret chats feature also block users from taking screenshots of the conversation and prevent messages from being forwarded, further ensuring some limited privacy. While no amount of encryption can stop someone from simply taking a photo of the screen or something along those lines, Viber’s security implementations go a long way towards making it easier to keep your messages private.

The app – which has 800 million users in the EMEA region – is rapidly iterating to mark itself up as a viable WhatsApp and Messenger competitor.

Earlier this week Viber also updated its Windows desktop app to include the following features:

  • The + icon will let you share files of nearly every type, photos, and videos up to 200 MB
  • The @ icon will open a menu with content and web search options. Find the sticker you need for that perfect comeback instantly, search GIFs (powered by Giphy), Wikipedia and more!
  • The sticker icon opens the sticker menu for your entire collection and emoticons
  • The microphone icon lets you record and send voice messages just like you would on your mobile device

While Viber no longer supports Windows 10 and 10 Mobile with any more than bug fixes, the vast majority of Windows users can still make use of Viber via its full-featured desktop app.

You can download Viber for Windows desktops here, and Viber for Windows 10 from the store link below.

Price: Free
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