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Slashgear has just published their full review of the Verizon Samsung Omnia, and I think they like it.

They conclude:

Overall the Samsung Omnia is one of the smoothest running Windows Mobile phones on the market today. We had no issues with lag, even with several apps loaded. This was certainly one of the most fun phones to review as of late. The Omnia has restored our faith in Windows Mobile phones after playing with the HTC Touch Pro and TouchFLO 3D.

The Omnia has lived up to the saying “A truly all-in-one phone.” The Omnia takes the best of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and TouchWiz to make the users’ experience very enjoyable. Every feature from the camera to browsing the Internet works very well. There is no area that the Omnia falls short in. This device delivers all of the features of a smartphone without being overwhelming to first time users.

We would recommend this phone to anyone who loves to take pictures. The picture quality may not be top notch, but it nice shots in comparison to other 5-megapixle smartphones. Photographers will find the large amount of internal storage space more than enough for snapping photos on the go. The Samsung Omnia will be available at Verizon Wireless locations on December 8th for $249.99, when you sign a two-year agreement.

Read their full review here.

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