Valve will launch a free Steam Link app that lets you play your Steam games on iOS and Android devices

You’ll soon be able to play your Steam library on iOS and Android devices. Valve has announced that the company will be launching two free apps in a few weeks to make this a reality.

According to the press release on Steam’s website, the Steam Link app will work with Android (phone, tablet, TV) and iOS-based (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) devices so long as the host system you are streaming from is connected via a wired Ethernet cable or a 5Ghz network. This app supports the use of the Steam controller and MFI controllers. Access to the Steam Link app will initially be offered on Android in beta.

The Steam Link app is set to release the week of May 21, but Valve has another app in the works expected to launch later this summer. The Steam Video app will allow users to watch their favorite movies and television shows available on Steam directly on their Android or iOS devices. Due to customer feedback, the app will offer the ability to view content in offline and streaming modes.

Seeing as latency is an ever-present issue with streaming games, unless you have outstanding internet speeds, this new app may not appeal to you.

Via: IGN