Valve wants to create non-VR Half-Life games following Alyx success


10, 2020

The success of Half-Life Alyx has revitalised Valve, assuring the long running development team that they can create new traditional Half-Life games in the future.

Revealed through three $9.99 fifteen chapter documentary Half-Life Alyx – Final Hours, the recently released VR experience was studios’ sixth attempt at creating a new game in the series following the beloved HL2: Episode 2 back in 2007.

The documentary explains that the creation of Alyx has allowed Valve to be “not afraid of Half-Life” anymore. Since creating a whole new game in the series 13 years after the release of the last franchise entry, the ice has broken for Valve’s developers.

“This ice has been broken, now we’re hoping to smash through the ice completely,” explained level designer Phil Co. “We’re not afraid of Half-Life no more.”

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