Valve removes Steam Machine section under the Hardware tab on Steam’s front page

Valve seems to be quietly erasing its Steam Machine from its website. The attempt at bringing Steam to your living room never quite caught on, and now it appears that you can’t even access the Steam Machine page from Steam’s own website anymore.

Hovering above the Hardware tab on Steam’s front page will drop down a list only containing the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and HTC Vive. You can still reach the old Steam Machine page here, but there’s just no way to easily access it through Steam’s website like before.

The Steam Machine’s death isn’t all that surprising considering Valve offered their own, much cheaper, alternative to playing Steam games on your TV. The company’s Steam Link, which debuted alongside the Steam Machine in 2015, can be purchased for $49.99 and allows for players to stream their Steam content directly to a television. Like the Steam Machine, it also supported Valve’s Steam Controller. When you’re looking at devices with similar functionality but one costs hundreds of dollars less than what Valve’s partners priced their Steam Machines at, it’s easy to see what people would go for.

Valve hasn’t made any statement on the matter, but the Steam Machine could be going the way of Microsoft’s Kinect. RIP.

Via: GamingOnLinux, PC Gamer