Use Xbox Controller on a remote desktop with RdpGamepad



Have you ever wanted to use an Xbox One controller on a remote desktop? Personally, we’ve never found ourselves needing to use an Xbox controller on a remote PC, but you might! 

RdpGamepad is a plugin made by Microsoft employee JP Flouret that allows you to do just that! By installing the plugin on your local computer, you’ll be able to connect a controller to your local PC and use it on your remote PC.

The RdpGamepad plugin reads the users local gamepad that uses Microsoft XInput method and transfers the data over a Remote Desktop Virtual Channel. Then, the RdpGamepadViGEm file then reads the gamepad data, feeds it into a virtual Xbox 360 controller that controls your remote desktop.

As for possible uses for this, you may have a remote desktop setup for travelling, or you may want to use a controller on a PC streaming service like Shadow.

If you want to download the plugin, check out the software’s GitHub page here.

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