OpenAI will soon let you upload multiple files to ChatGPT

August 4, 2023

Want to upload multiple files to ChatGPT? Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

OpenAI, the tech maker behind the hotly-talked AI chatbot, has just announced a few new updates. This batch includes a new feature that allows users to upload multiple files for data analysis, and is available to all Plus users in the Code Interpreter beta starting “over the next week.” 

With this new feature, users can now analyze data from multiple sources in a single session. This can be helpful for tasks such as comparing data from different datasets, identifying patterns across multiple datasets, and generating insights from large amounts of data.

Now powered by GPT-4 by default, ChatGPT Plus costs at least $20/month. Sure, the price tag can be quite expensive for some, but it is a more advanced language model than the free version of GPT-3.5. It’s bigger and it’s smarter: you can even take a picture of your fridge and ask the AI chatbot to create a recipe based on the ingredients there.

In addition to this, OpenAI has unveiled numerous new features, extending benefits even to free users. Soon, suggested replies, a feature already present in Google Bard, will be introduced, along with prompt examples and new keyboard shortcuts.

What are your thoughts on OpenAI introducing a feature that lets Plus users upload multiple files to ChatGPT? Let us know in the comments!

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