Untitled Goose Games’ public menace Goose is now a Brexit mascot

October 22, 2019

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As the People’s Vote March made its way through the streets of London, an unlikely mascot made its way into the crowd: the Horrible Goose from Untitled Goose Game.

As Remainers campaigned for to stop the oncoming threat of Britain’s exit from the EU, protester Sarah Hiraki utilised the feathered mascot to spread their message.

While some signs are simple – an image of the Goose holding an EU flag with a cute HONK – others are more elaborate. One sign depicts the game’s To Do List with a simple objective: Remain in the E.U.


There’s also a cute, “Honk if you want to remain”, but our personal favourite is yet to come.

Still in the style of Untitled Goose Game’s cutesy visuals, Hiraki’s final sign is definitely a fun one. With the goose hot on the heels of political buffoon Boris Johnson, the sign says: “It’s a beautiful day in the UK and you are a horrible Prime Minister.” No matter your thoughts on the Brexit, that’s pretty hilarious.

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