Epic Games has declared that their next-gen video game engine Unreal Engine 5 “will be awesome on PS5 and Xbox Series X” after the software’s impressive showcase last week. 

Unveiled running in real-time on a PlayStation 5 during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 showed off impressive dynamic global illumination technology running through their Lumenis software solution and cinematic quality assets with their dynamic Nanite tech.

During the reveal’s post-trailer interview, Epic hyped up the tech demo’s feasibility as being tied to the fast speed of the next-gen PS5 SSD which is considerably faster than the Xbox Series X’s. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney declared that PlayStation 5 is a balanced system that could influence the future of PC gaming.

After the reveal/interview combo, Sweeney took to Twitter to explain that, while the demo was “the culmination of years of discussions between Sony and Epic”, the next-gen game engine will be just as awesome on both next-gen games consoles.

“The Unreal Engine 5 demo on PlayStation 5 was the culmination of years of discussions between Sony and Epic on future graphics and storage architectures,” Sweeney said on Twitter.  “The Nanite and Lumen tech powering it will be fully supported on both PS5 and Xbox Series X and will be awesome on both.”

Despite this, console war arguments still spread rumours that Epic and Sony were engaged in a secret marketing deal or partnership that Sweeney has felt the need to discredit.

There’s not some secret deal,” Sweeney said. “100% of the stuff we’ve been working on with Sony over the “past months is now publicly announced: The UE5 demo on PlayStation 5, Nanite, Lumen, and Epic Online Services for cross-platform play across all platforms.”