Unannounced Nokia RM 860 confirmed to be a high-end handset, Nokia tablet also spotted in the wild


22, 2013

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Alan Mendelevich from Adduplex has been trawling through their data and has been able to offer some more information about some of Nokia’s unannounced handsets.

He notes the Nokia RM-860, which has turned up on Verizon, appears to have an HD screen.  The Nokia RM-867 is the Nokia Lumia 920T, suggesting the Verizon handset is part of the same Nokia Lumia 920 range.

He was also able to confirm the Nokia Lumia 720 had unsurprisingly an WVGA screen.

He also revealed the Nokia RX-108 Windows 8 PC, which is presumably a tablet, and may be running either Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Lastly the Nokia RM-892 is another Windows Phone handset found in India.

It is already very likely we will see some low-end Windows Phones announced at Mobile World Congress 2013.  Hopefully we will also see a few high end devices from Verizon show up too.

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