New studio Raccoon Logic has emerged from Typhoon Studios’ ashes

August 11, 2021
Raccoon Logic

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After being shut down earlier this year, Typhoon Studios, creators of Journey to the Savage Planet, is back under a new name, Raccoon Logic.

After Typhoon Studios was bought by Google in 2019, and then subsequently shut down when Google decided to close all its internal studios, the future of Journey to the Savage Planet has been unclear, but with the studio reformed into Raccoon Logic, work on the sequel may continue once again. 

Hopes for more Journey to the Savage Planet lie in more than just the band getting back together, as Raccoon Logic has also regained the IP for the game since rising from the ashes of being a Google Stadia studio, “meaning they can hit the ground running on new adventures in the action-adventure space,” the studio’s first press release explains. 

Prior to being shut down, Typhoon Studios had been working on a sequel for Google Stadia, so it’s more than possible that work on this project will resume. In the press release, however, Racoon Logic isn’t giving much away about what’s next, only saying that their “as-of-yet unannounced debut project will have both the tools and talent it needs,” thanks to the founders and staff at the studio. 

Being “as-of-yet unannounced” there’s no telling when Raccoon Logic’s debut project will be out, so we might be waiting for a while yet before we even hear details about it. 

If you want to know what the studio is capable of now that they’re back in action, we thought that their last game, as Typhoon Studios, Journey to the Savage Planet, was “a short but sweet and fun romp across a shallow pond, not to be taken too seriously but to be enjoyed without thinking too hard about it.”

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