Twitter PWA’s navigation bar now appears at the left, for everyone

Twitter PWA’s navigation menu has finally shifted to the left sidebar from the top. Twitter has been testing the feature since March with selected users, and finally, after almost three months, it is now available for everyone through an update.

As we said earlier, Lists and Bookmarks are now in the navigation along with Home, Messages, Notifications, and Explore. Aside from that, this new update comes with a feature, and it is here for the first time. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice a new option, More(three dots view) in the left sidebar, clicking on which will reveal Settings and privacy, Analytics and other important options.

The update is available for Windows 10 Mobile users too. And as you may have guessed, the update is a server-side update, and, therefore, doesn’t require you to hit the Microsoft Store to download the update. Open the Twitter PWA app, close it, and re-open it, you’ll get to see a new Twitter.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

Via: HTNovo