In an effort to make it easier for users to keep track of conversations easily, the social media giant, Twitter has been working on a Reddit-like conversation tree.

A few changes have been made so far, the most recent being the “Continue this thread” button.

The concept first appeared on its experimental Twitter iOS app, according to famous reverse engineer Wong.

The company is testing the feature for its Twitter Web App, meaning that Twitter could roll out the feature to those who are using Twitter Lite, Twitter PWA and Twitter Web.

Twitter also recently rolled out the Twitter DM search feature to the Twitter iOS app and as well as to the Twitter web app. With this feature, you’ll need to just type a couple of letters of the name of any individual or group and Twitter will display all the possible matchings, of which you will be able to pick the right one and resume the conversation.

Aside from the Reddit-like conversation tree, the media giant is working on the ‘React to DMs‘ feature. The feature does exactly what it sounds like, it’ll allow you to react to DMs without reaching out to the keyboard. All you have to do is just tap and hold on the DM you want to react to and it will give you a bunch of reactions, from which you’ll be able to choose.

Source: JaneManchunWong