Twitter PWA for Windows 10 gets Feedback Hub integration, new keyboard shortcuts and more

Twitter’s Windows 10 Progressive Web App team has continued to update the app behind the scenes, and has just noticed a new Windows 10-specific feature.

The changelog for the versionless app reads:

  • We launched secondary inbox for Direct Messages (DMs). If you have open DMs, you will now see messages from users you don’t follow separated out in a different “Message requests” tab, where you can accept or decline the request. More in this Tweet thread here.
  • Desktop: Videos will now autoplay on desktop. This setting can be changed under “Settings and privacy” > “Data usage” > “Video autoplay”. This setting can also be changed under “Accessibility”.
  • Desktop: We have added a new suite of keyboard shortcuts to use on the desktop experience! You can find all the available shortcuts here or by pressing the “?” key.
  • On touch devices, we now overlay the tweet actions bar and close button over the photo in the media viewer, resulting in less wasted space and a larger image display. You can tap to toggle the visibility of the controls, just like on native apps.

Specific to Windows 10, the app now also appears to support the Feedback Hub, meaning when you click on the Feedback item in the profile menu you are taken directly to the Feedback Hub.

As a PWA the new features should show up by simply opening and closing the app.

If you have not downloaded the app already you can find the app in the Store here.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

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