Twitter is working on a bug that hid thread replies from users

July 19, 2019

You may have noticed a slew of Twitter threads which come with a “this tweet is unavailable” banner on many of the tweets. It’s an issue that can create some consternation among users, especially when following a long thread with replies to an “unavailable” tweet. What’s deeply frustrating the notice itself. Is the tweet unavailable because you’re blocked? Deleted? A glitch in the matrix? No one could tell, and Twitter has taken notice.

As you can see from the announcement above, the firm will soon start letting you know why any given Tweet is unavailable. It’ll still be gon, but a user will now know why it’s gone as opposed to simply knowing that it is. If there’s an action that can be taken on their end, they’ll know it. That is, I think, more helpful than a vague notice.

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