Twitter is testing ‘Liked by Author’ label to select users

May 14, 2022
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Twitter mobile screenshot showing the "Liked by Author" label
Image Credits to: TechCrunch

Twitter is testing another feature: the ‘Liked by Author’ label. Spotted by Techcrunch, this feature can be compared to TikTok’s ‘Liked by Creator’ badge. It will show a distinct mark in a reply when the author or the original poster of the tweet likes it.

The feature was first spotted by Techcrunch after spotting it in the Twitter Android app. Twitter, on the other hand, confirmed that it is currently testing a variety of apps to help its users better receive the contexts of the details they see on the platform. However, the company declined to share more information about the feature being tested and the other labels it is testing. It is also still not clear how many users are involved in the said test, but Techcrunch reports that there are numerous users from other countries saying they have the new label.

As said, the Liked by Author label will be shown on the replies liked by the original poster of the tweet. The label will be contained in a gray box, making it more noticeable. It will be visible both to the person who owns the reply and the other users who will see the tweet. Apparently, the new label can be helpful in many cases, especially if you are one of those users with hundred to thousands (or millions) of followers. For influencers and celebrities, it can be a tool to make quick interactions with followers who often reply to their tweets. It can be used as a form of motivation by letting them see that you acknowledge their opinions in a long thread instead of manually sending them messages.

However, given the current setup of tweets and replies on Twitter, the new label (basically made of words instead of visual badges) can be a sort of distraction for some. It will join the other details of the individuals who own the replies, including their Twitter handles, the handles of users involved in the tweet, and the date/time of the tweet. That said, it could make the tweets a bit more crowded visually with the addition of more words to read. Fortunately, this Liked by Author label is still not official, so Twitter could still decide if it would really offer it to all users globally or make significant changes to improve it.

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