Twitter is rolling out the bottom navigation bar to its web app on mobile

by Rahul
November 21, 2019

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The Twitter web app on mobile received a new feature, which brings some noteworthy UI changes to the web app.

In order to have greater design consistency across all platforms, Twitter has officially moved the navigation bar of the Twitter web app to the bottom. The bottom navigation bar on the web app now looks exactly the same as the Twitter app for Android.

This means if you open Twitter Lite or browse from your smartphone, you’ll notice the UI change right now. The navigation bar at the bottom also means that navigation will now be a lot easier, especially if you’re using a tall smartphone. Note, you don’t need to go to the Google Play Store to update the Twitter web app as it’s a server-side update.

However, the Twitter web app on desktop appears to be unaffected, meaning the navigation menu still appears on the left side of the app.

Speaking of web apps, Twitter is testing a feature, which will let users scheduled tweets, for its web apps. Twitter is working on a Reddit-like conversation tree and Categorized Topic lists to help users keep track of conversations and what’s happening around the world in an efficient way.

Do you like the navigation bar at the bottom? Let us know in the comments section below.

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