Twitter “Collaboration” to allow co-authoring of tweets

April 2, 2022
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Alessandro Paluzzi's Tweet Showing Twitter's "Collaboration" Feature
One of Alessandro Paluzzi’s Post Showing Twitter’s “Collaboration” Feature

Twitter always aims to improve its platform, and it works in silence only to reveal new features right in front of us after months of tests. Yet, sometimes, we get to see the secret projects the company is concocting, thanks to the curious techies out there. One recent example is the discovery of Twitter’s “Collaboration” feature by Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer who searched it through the app’s code in December 2021. According to the information presented by Paluzzi, Collaboration will allow Twitter users to co-author a post by enlisting the names and handles of both users in the post.

The feature is already available on Instagram, but it can also be a handy tool for creators and influencers whose main platform is Twitter. From the looks of it, Twitter is planning to use Collaboration in the future to attract more influencers and businesses who want to make joint posts that will help them benefit each other’s interests. Paluzzi told TechCrunch that he found nothing in the code that would probably limit the use of the feature only to selected users. This means, in case it is publicly unveiled by Twitter, it would also allow other typical users to collaborate with each other, regardless of their reasons.

From the information shared by Paluzzi, it is said that there would be a particular button on the tweet composer screen that will enable the option for Twitter Collaboration. The person who wants to initiate the collaborative tweet will have to ask another user to “co-own” a tweet. It will work like a request that the receiver would have to approve. Once approved, the post will appear with the information of the two users, including their names and handles. It will also include the profile pictures of the two users partially laid over the other.

There are lots of speculations about the primary purpose of the Collaboration feature of Twitter, one of them – as said – is the company’s aspiration to make it a welcoming place for creators who want to make partnerships with brands and businesses. If that is true, Collaboration will join the other features of Twitter that are aimed to help content creators earn, such as Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces.

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