Twitter Circle is now in limited testing

May 4, 2022
Twitter Logo Twitter Circle

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Twitter has announced that Twitter Circle is now in limited testing, allowing select users to send tweets to just a close circle of friends. 

Announced as “a way to send Tweets to select people, and share your thoughts with a smaller crowd” Twitter Circle allows you to have another slightly more granular level of privacy if you don’t want to fully commit to setting your account to protected status (private) and depriving the world of your hot takes. 

Similarly to the ‘Close Friends’ feature on both Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter’s new feature will allow you to choose which friends are allowed to be in your circle of close friends, with only those individuals being then able to reply and interact with the tweets you share to the circle. In its current testing stages, you can include up to 150 people in your Twitter Circle.

In the help post announcing this new feature to the world, Twitter notes that while members of your circle can’t retweet or share your Twitter Circle tweets, they can still capture and reupload your spiciest tweets without your permission, just as could be done to those with private accounts, so you’ll have to make sure your circle is a tight-knit group you can trust. 

Currently, “Twitter Circle is in its very early stages” with only a limited number of users globally having full access to the feature. Thankfully users in this limited test won’t just be able to make circles with one another, as “anyone invited to a Twitter Circle can interact with them.”

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