As part of Twitch’s local subscription pricing initiative, Tier 1 subscriptions in the UK and Ireland will be getting cheaper starting this week. 

Once the change is implemented sometime in “this week” according to the announcement Tweet from Twitch, Tier 1 subscription prices in the UK will drop down to just £3.99, with prices in Ireland lowering to €3.99.

As part of the local subscription pricing initiative, these fees have been brought down to be more in line with the local cost of living, as well as to properly reflect exchange rates, which has previously left people outside of the United States paying more for their subscriptions. 

Previously, UK subscribers have been paying £4.99 for their tier 1 subscriptions, which is significantly more than $4.99 US subscription prices at approximately $7. 

Despite seeming like a reduction in revenue to streamers, Twitch believes that cheaper locally priced subscriptions will lead to more subscriptions and revenue over time, with the Amazon-owned company writing that in their testing “lower sub prices more than doubled creator revenue and total subscriber count.”

Throughout Twitch’s rollout of the local subscription pricing program, we’ve already seen subscription costs being adjusted in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and many Asia Pacific countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Korea.