Twitch streamers are far from happy this holiday season as ads for Ninja’s streams are appearing on their content.

Fortnite streamer Ninja is currently getting ready for a New Year’s Eve Fortnite stream. It’s a twelve-hour stream with special guests that will probably dominate the streaming service for the night.

However, rival streamers are seeing this as more of an attack that takes viewership away from them. Popular streamer Dr Disrespect took to Twitter to complain, asking Twitch to never do it again.

Other streamers don’t mind the advertisements themselves but wish that they were on another service other than Twitch. Those who are on Twitch know what Twitch is. Instead of bringing more people to the site, it is simply stealing viewers from one streamer and gifting them to another.

“If there is offsite advertising that’s fine. If you had an NYE event planned it sucks to have Twitch force an ad promoting someone else’s channel,” said streamer MadtownMaverick.

Twitch is doing a good job promoting its creators, but focusing on the number one streamer on the service isn’t exactly what they need to do. It’s an important event for the company, but dragging other streamers’ viewers away isn’t the right thing to do.

Source: Variety