Game developer Rami Ismail has created what should have been a monstrosity: Twitch Plays Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

The next step in the infamous Twitch Plays series that started with the Twitch Plays Pokémon experiment sees a large collection of Twitch chat members input commands into the chat box to send inputs to the game.

Twitch Plays has previously completed numerous games including the notoriously difficult Dark Souls, but the in-depth simulation experience of flying a realistic Beoing 787-10 Dreamliner wasn’t something we ever expected to see.

The Twitch Plays Flight Simulator experiment was an extreme success. Not only did the game’s chat successfully prime and take off the gigantic airliner, but they even managed to land in what is quite possibly the greatest achievement that the series has ever had. Check it out below:

The Twitch Plays Flight Simulator stream’s hour-long flight from Kosice International Airport and back saw numerous impressive moments, including a terrifying rolling manoeuvre that was bound to have hearts up in throats. Check out the full stream archive here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is bringing out a tonne of cool stories, including virtual hurricane hunters braving their way through a representation of Hurricane Laura.