Tweak Your Windows 8 UI Using Metro UI Tweaker

If you are one among the million people who downloaded Windows 8 Developer Preview build, then this simple tool might help you. Metro UI Tweaker allows you to tweak Metro UI in Windows 8 such as enabling classic Start menu, etc.

It allows you to do the following,

  1. Disable Metro Start Menu: Disables only Metro Start Menu Screen. This function requires editing a System File. It does not remove the file.
  2. Disable Metro Ribbon: Disables only the Metro Ribbon UI. This function I discovered myself. It requires Taking Ownership of a System File. It does not remove this file.
  3. Disable Metro Start Menu and Ribbon: Disables the Metro Start Menu UI, Ribbon UI, MetroTask Manager UI and the Lock Screen.
  4. Enable Metro Start Menu and Ribbon: Re-enables all available Metro UI options.
  5. Add Power Options to the Metro Start Menu Screen: Logoff, Switch User, Lock, Sleep, Restart and Shutdown
  6. Add any Application/File to the Metro UI Start Menu Screen: Some Applications/Files may not be available to you to add to the Metro Start Menu Screen. This program allows you to add those Applications/Files which would otherwise be unavailable.
The tool was developed by Lee Whittington for The Windows Club.  You can find more details and download the tool here.