Turn 10 Studios may be developing Fable alongside Playground Games


8, 2020

It looks like the upcoming return to the world of Fable might not be a solo project for development studio Playground Games.

In fact, it would appear that key members of the mainline Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios will be helping with the development of Playground Games’ in-development RPG.

Games outlet VGC noticed that Turn 10 Studios’ design architect Bill Giese had added the upcoming Fable game as one of his current projects alongside the development of the upcoming Forza Motorsport reboot.

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The Forza Motorsport developer and Playground Games have been tightly knit for the entirety of this generation due to the joint efforts on the Forza Horizon series. With Xbox’s new management schemes of letting development studios help each other out when needed, it’s very likely that these two will be working together.

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