Tunely – Brand New Music Game for Windows Phone 8

Main Screen Question Page Result of Choice Summary & Share OptionsTunely is the most recent app from the developer of the popular app I’m Here, an editor’s pick on wpcentral.com and Nokia top 5 pick of the week.

Tunely is a Nokia Music based game where the player select the genre and game level this is presented 30 second clips of five songs and the score is determined on how fast the correct selection is made.


  • Fan – Choose the correct Artist/Band
  • Roadie – Choose the correct Song Name
  • Tour Manager – Random from the above options

Other features are options to share your score, individual tracks, jump to Nokia Mix or Xbox Music through direct integration if you’d like to download the music you’ve heard directly from those services to your phone.

This is a fun game to play if you enjoy music.  It is a free ad supported app with an option to remove the ads for $.99 .

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