Trekkit Traveller for Windows Phone 8

Trekkit Traveller Trail Screen Trekkit Traveller Main Screen Trekkit Traveller Getting Started Screen

This app was built with the help of AppCampus, a program run by Aalto University funded by Microsoft.

Trekkit Traveller is exclusively for Windows Phone and is the ultimate companion to help you tell stories of your trips, travels, and adventures.

Trekkit Traveller focuses on geo tagging all your photos, videos, voice clips, and locations of your trip while online or more importantly offline.Everything is saved in your private journal until you decide to publish a Trekk (the story) of your adventure.

On, your Trekk can be viewed as a list of items and their corresponding location or pins on a maps.

Trekk Traveller Highlights

Trekkit Traveller posts your Journal and Trekks to where you can curate the story of your trip.

Super Easy Geo Tagging

Everything is geo-tagged so you can easily make maps of your adventures.

Make a Slideshow

Turn a Trekk (photos and videos) into a simple slideshow. Makes it easy for people to enjoy your adventure.


Do you enjoy taking trips off the beaten path? Trekkit Traveller can record your trail every 10 meters. Trails are a great addition to Trekks to show exactly where your adventure took you.

Trekkit Together

Share (by NFC or Email) a Trekk with those on the same trip or adventure so everyone can add photos, videos, voice clips, and geo location to the same Trekk. The Trekk will show a single map where everyone’s items were captured. This gives a great place to see everyone’s points of view on one webpage and share everyone’s photos in a single place.

Trekkit Traveller is $2.99 with a 15 day free trial and available in the Windows Phone Store Trekkit Traveller QR Code

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