Track your daily goals using Goal Calendar

Did you exercise today? Did you floss today? Did you pray today? Are you planning any new years resolutions?

There are many things we could and/or should do every day. Those things are different for us all but may include exercise, taking your daily vitamin or other pills, flossing, taking a relaxing meditation break, calling your mom, and many more. In the past, some people have used a paper calendar to check off the days they did those things and then they could see how well they did for the month.

With Goal Calendar by New Life Programming, you can do that on your Windows Phone! No need for paper calendars. No need to add appointments that track these items. Goal Calendar allows you to get in, check off your item(s) and get out quick! If you exercised today, you can run Goal Calendar, and in two clicks have it marked as done for the day. You can also see how well you have done this month at a glance. It also tracks your numbers for the past month and the past year, showing you your percent success for each item.

"This has been a great motivational tool for me. Every time I look at my phone, I remember this app and I go do one of the things on my list, just so I can turn the boxes green. I am still working for that elusive 100% month and I know this will help me get there!"

Features of Goal Calendar by New Life Programming include:

  • Ability to customize the list of tracked items and track multiple different items. Add items like Flossing, Pills-AM, Pills-PM, Exercise, etc. You can also edit the name of existing calendars and delete calendars, of course. You aren’t stuck tracking only one item with Goal Calendar.
  • Quickly select your tracked calendar, and click on the check mark to mark today as completed. In and out with two clicks. You shouldn’t have to spend all day in an app to check off one item you did today.
  • Ability to check off past days if you forgot to check them off when you did them. Simply click on the day and confirm you want to change it to green or red as appropriate.
  • View a month calendar showing red and green days. Get that month completely green and know you are meeting your goals.
  • Swipe up or down (or use Date Picker) to view previous months. Swipe from one tracked calendar to the next with right/left swipes.
  • Mark some or all of the calendars as "required" then view the "All" calendar to see the days you did all the required items.
  • See the percent success rates for "This month", "The last month" (approx last 30 days), "This year", and "The last year" (approx last 365 days).
  • Ability to delete data older than a selected date (under "Settings")

goalcalendarqrThe free version with ads is available here: Goal Calendar Free.

You can get rid of the ads for $1.49US here: Goal Calendar Paid.

This app is available for all countries.

We are working on adding more features including data backup to Skydrive or Dropbox and Facebook integration to keep friends and family updated with your progress.

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