TouchStudio renamed to TouchDevelop, released in version 2.0

imageMicrosoft has renamed TouchStudio to TouchDevelop and released many new features, including "publishing scripts to the cloud" at (such kind-of marketplace/app-store for scripts).

What is TouchDevelop? It’s not strictly for professional developers but rather a toy to play with scripting inside of Windows Phone 7 phones without the need to start PC (hello? Post-PC era anybody?). With this app you can create script-based programs like games, information reading, etc… and with new version you can publish your scripts with URL-shorterner-like links like

It looks like one cool app for me – to kill that time when you are commuting or standing in queue – and seeing how often Microsoft is releasing updates to it, one can get impression that Microsoft really care

As far as I know there is no such thing for iPhone, so this app can make a difference in smartphone wars!

To learn more about new version 2, click here.