TouchFlo3D comes to all Windows Mobile phones


When the news of HTC’s new HTC Touch Viva leaked, the part most difficult to believe was that it would come with TouchFlo3D, given its rather meager 200 Mhz processor. It turns out HTC anticipated this, and made a less processor intensive but still stylish version called TouchFlo 2D. It features most of the enhancements of TouchFlo 3D, as can be seen from the video below.

As usual, the busy people at XDA-Developers have liberated the software from the Viva ROM and made it available for all of HTC’s other phones. The software is now available for download from this XDA-Developers thead. Its not perfect yet,but its pretty close, and will certainly make users of current generation devices not feel completely obsoleted.



Download it from XDA-Developers here.