The developers behind Totally Accurate Battle Simulator have released a DLC for the game that’s riddled with bugs and glitches, just in case you thought early access games didn’t have enough bugs. It’s not a bug – it’s a feature!

The BUG DLC contains 11 unique bugs, which you can find listed below. All these bugs can be triggered from the in-game options menu. It’s up to you whether you want to go all in and bug your game out to infinity or whether you just want to dip your toe into the glitchy waters.

  • Added bug where players can access hidden developer tools such as force push, unit grab, spawn projectiles and gravity modulation.
  • Added a bug which causes fireworks to be too big and too strong.
  • Added a bug which makes it impossible for units to die.
  • Added bug where range units attack speed is too high.
  • Added bug where balloons weigh too much.
  • Added bug where units would become too big.
  • Added bug causing units to become too small.
  • Added bug where mammoths are able to be placed on top of each other.
  • Added bug causing halflings to implode into black holes.
  • Added bug causing units to unexplainably spin around at a close range.
  • Added bug where all units now have valkyrie wings.

While the DLC was initially released as a fun April Fool’s joke, the DLC’s Steam page says that at least $2.5USD per each unit sold will go to Doctors Without Borders.

If you’re not into paying for things, you can also get the BUG DLC for free if you own Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Just consider making a donation to charity if you decide to go that route.

You can pick up the BUG DLC for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator by following the link here. If you don’t own Totally Accurate Battle Simulator but want to get in on the early access ragdoll ridiculousness, you can buy it by following the link here.

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game.

Experience accurate warfare through the ages, TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

– “This doesn’t look like real history at all”

– “At least the helmets look correct”

– “What are you doing in my office? GET OUT”

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