Toshiba Unveils Shape Shifting “5-in-1” PC Concept


7, 2014

Most consumers are familiar with “2-in-1” PCs, which can either be a tablet or laptop.  But Toshiba has stepped it up a notch and unveiled a 5-in-1 PC concept.  Toshiba calls it a “shape-shifting” PC and it has three parts, a screen, keyboard and kickstand.  The kickstand contains the motherboard and the three parts can be arranged for different usage scenarios.

As expected the PC take the form of a traditional laptop.  It can also take the form of a tablet, one with the keyboard detached and one with it folded back.  Two other modes include a “Presentation/TV” mode that involves using the kickstand, and a “Canvas” mode that lets the user flip the attached keyboard 270 degrees, making the device better for drafting with a stylus.

As this is just a concept, there is no word on pricing or availability.  Other PC makers also are promoting convertible devices. At CES, Chinese PC maker Lenovo is showing its Yoga 2 and Miix 2 laptop-tablet hybrids. Taiwanese rival Asus also unveiled a convertible that can switch between the Windows and Android OSes with the click of an on-screen button.

t5in2 t5in3 t5in4 t5in6 t5in7 t5in8

Image Credit: Slashgear

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