Todd Howard has now admitted that Bethesda knew Fallout 76 would not be well received upon launch.

In an interview with IGN Unfiltered, Bethesda superstar Todd Howard revealed that the team knew the game’s review scores would be low. While saying that the game’s poor reviews were “very well deserved”, he also stated that the team knew the product would “not… be a high Metacritic game.”

Despite this, Howard claims that a game like Fallout 76 isn’t always about its launch state. “It’s now how you launch,” Howard says. “It’s what it becomes. It’s [76] really turned around. It’s a fabulous game with an incredible community.”

Fallout 76 has improved since launch, although even its updates have seen controversies. Howard claims that Bethesda is committed to keep improving the game’s quality over time: “[we’ll] keep making the game better”.

With this in mind, will you be going back to Fallout 76?