As a games journalist, I die a lot in games. Then again, it’s part of the fun for some games – how many times have you had an unforgettable experience thanks to an in-game death? Exactly! But what if you couldn’t die no matter how hard you try?

Reddit user Brogadyn never asked this question, but they’re answering it for us anyways. Once reaching level 40, the player’s character became completely unkillable much to Brogadyn’s dismay.

“There is literally zero ways that she can die even if I wanted to (which I very much wanted her to),” Brogadyn says. “She can even eat a nuke blast to the face and be fine.”

South of Whitespring, Fallout 76 has a huge instant-death zone that should have taken care of Brogadyn’s wish for death… it didn’t. In fact, the character can stand, walk, crouch and emote in the fissure without taking off a single point of health. They really are unstoppable.

Brogadyn’s unkillable state has essentially ruined his Fallout 76 experience.

“I’ve had to limit myself to more boring activities because I do not want my exploration, or the PvP aspect ruined by my god mode, and the annoying thing is that at some point I’m just going to have to not care if they cannot fix it – my character is currently nearly level 100, and just hit the cap limit – so what the heck am I supposed to do besides actually starting to make all content in the game trivial?,” they told Reddit.

While initially Brogadyn only got a robotic response from Bethesda’s support team via a ticket request, Bethesda have reached out to the player on Reddit. Will this bug be fixed? Who knows? It’s still pretty funny, though. Well, apart from the person who really wants to die.

Fallout 76 is available to buy on Xbox One for £59.99/$59.99.

Source: Reddit (via Eurogamer)