Today’s Google Doodle is an entire sporty RPG to commemorate the Olympics

July 23, 2021
Google Doodle

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In celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Google has released one of their best ever Google Doodles, the Doodle Champion Island Games

In this retro-inspired RPG, you play as a calico “(c)athlete” named Lucky, competing in seven sporty mini-games while competing “dozens of daring size quests,” as you compete to become the Island Games’ champion by collecting all the sacred sporting scrolls.

There are seven sports on offer across the island which are, table tennis, rugby, skateboarding, synchronized swimming, archery, climbing and even a marathon, all of which are played from just your arrow keys and space bar. Despite the simplistic input method, each one of the games is deeply engaging, with different mechanics and sporting champions to face off against. 

Each of the seven sporting events has its own stylised area within the surprisingly giant map that you’re free to explore and complete the bounty of side quests in. With wonderfully jaunty music playing in the background, it’s a charming time exploring the island, let alone talking to and helping all the NPC’s throughout the island. 

There’s a simply staggering amount of content for you to play from directly in your browser in this Google Doodle. While it’s a little longer than previous Doodles, thankfully Google has included autosaves every two minutes, allowing you to dip in and out of the Champion Island Games at your leisure. 

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If you want to play this rather fantastic Google Doodle for yourself, then all you need to do is open up a new tab in your chrome browser, or navigate over to Google’s homepage and it’ll be right there for you to enjoy.

If the Google Doodle wasn’t enough video game goodness to commemorate the Olympics for you then you’re in luck, as the Olympics Opening Ceremony has featured a whole bunch of video game music, including tracks from Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

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