Google Chrome 92 now available to all (changelog)

by Surur
July 20, 2021
google chrome

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Google has released a new version of their Chrome browser to their stable channel ie the version most of the general public use.

The update takes Chrome to version 92.0.4515.107 and brings allow the following behind the scene changes:

  • Relative indexing method for Array, String, and TypedArrays
  • Canvas colour management
  • CSS position: sticky scroll initial position into view
  • Final specified imperative slot distribution behavior
  • aria-touchpassthrough
  • Shared Element Transitions
  • Web Bluetooth manufacturer data filter
  • size-adjust descriptor for @font-face
  • Add dayPeriod option for Intl.DateTimeFormat
  • Intl Locale Info in ECMA402
  • Payment handlers for standardized payment method identifiers.
  • Tainted origin flag applied to Resource Timing
  • crypto.randomUUID()
  • URL Protocol Handler Registration for PWAs

The updated version of the browser can be downloaded by checking for updates in Help> About.

Thanks, Serhan for the tip.

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