Tip: How to find the voice commands for 3rd party apps

by Surur
July 7, 2013

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Here is another in our a series of articles, offering tips and tricks for both beginners and experienced users, courtesy of How to Windows Phone.

We all know that windows phone supports voice commands; what we don’t know is the commands. Some good apps also comes with the voice command support which can be directly given through the voice command dialog.

  • Press and hold the window key to open the voice command dialog.
  • Tap on the help icon in the top right.
  • You will see a page with the set of supported commands on your phone like call, text, etc.
  • Swipe right to see the app specific commands which are installed in your phone.
  • Tap on the app name to see all the supported commands.

See many more tips at of How to Windows Phone and request a How To at HowToWindowsPhone here.

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