Ting dates Sprint’s Windows Phone 8 handsets to “late June or early July”


22, 2013

Author Surur // in News

imageSprint MVNO Ting has been saying for some time that they will be offering two Windows Phone handsets in the summer, and Sprint has also announced they will be releasing a Windows Phone handset from HTC and Samsung in the same period.

On their blog Ting has now helping narrow down the time scales for the release of these two handsets, writing:

We’re still on track to offer Windows Phone devices from Samsung and HTC in late June early July, at or very nearly the same time as Sprint offers them up.

The two devices are expected to be the mid-range HTC Tiara and a variation of the Samsung ATIV S.

We can therefore expect two Windows Phones to arrive on Sprint and Ting within around 4-6 weeks.  Are our readers excited? Let us know below.

Via WPC.

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