In development by Sledgehammer Games, the next instalment in the Call of Duty series is set to return to World War 2 later this year. 

In conflicting reports between Modern Warzone and Eurogamer, we’ve been given a good understanding of what might be next for the series. 

While the reports differ on whether this name will stick, we know for certain that at the moment it’s being called Call of Duty: Vanguard as a working title. 

The World War 2 setting is all but confirmed, however, while Eurogamer and their sources report a traditional WW2 setting, Modern Warzone reports it will be an alternate history WW2 that’s lasting until the 1950s. 

Eurogamer notes in their report that they’ve verified Call of Duty leaks for the past five years, so maybe they’re the ones to be believed. We won’t know however until the game breaks cover.

After Call of Duty WW2, also developed by Sledgehammer Games, was fairly well-received, we’ll have to see if they can pull it off twice, and improve upon the classic of Call of Duty: World at War.