Activision’s free-to-play adaptations of their popular CoD franchise are doing well, especially Call of Duty Mobile. 

While the free-to-play battle royale game Warzone is doing fantastic numbers on PC and console, the more accessible mobile iteration of CoD’s traditional gameplay loop is doing fantastically on iOS and Android.

Call of Duty Mobile general manager, Matt Lewis, released a commemorative video for the free-to-play mobile FPS’ first anniversary. In the video, Lewis revealed that the game has been downloaded over 300 million times in the past year.

“The team has accomplished an incredible amount over the last twelve months. We gave players the chance to fire up Call of Duty for free anytime they want nearly everywhere in the world,” Lewis said. “Since that time, over 300 million people have downloaded the game”

“Millions and millions play CoD: M every month and, on behalf of the team, we just have to say, it feels fantastic to be able to offer fun, free entertainment to millions. So, among all of the other accomplishments, that’s the one the team and I are most proud of for sure.”

Call of Duty Mobile is far from done. Seasons are continuing to be introduced on a monthly basis and there’s rumours of a Warzone port being chucked into the mix. Very exciting.