This Week’s Red Stripe Deals In Windows Store: Machinarium, Shark Dash, Recipe Keeper Pro And More


30, 2014

Shark Dash Windows Store

This week’s Red Stripe Deals in Windows Store includes Shark Dash from Gameloft, Machinarium and more. Find the list of apps and games available on deal this week below,

  • “Machinarium” (99 cents in the Windows Store usually $4.99) is a visually stunning adventure game that’s racked up industry accolades, including The Best Indie Game of the Year and the Excellence in Visual Art Award.
  • In “Shark Dash” (99 cents in the Windows Store usually $1.99), a merry band of toy sharks travel to bath tubs around the world chasing rubber duckies that have kidnapped one of their own.
  • Reading Trainer ($1.49 in the Windows Store), you can improve your reading speed and retention rate through 12 challenging exercises.
  • Chaos Control ($3.99 in the Windows Store)
  • Recipe Keeper Pro ($1.99 in the Windows Store, usually $5.99)
  • Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse (Full)” ($1.49 in the Windows Store, usually $2.99)

via: Microsoft

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