This week’s Red Stripe Deals: Flight Control, Sketch Taxi and GPS Voice


This week’s Red Stripe Deals are the usual collection of 2 games and one app reduced at least 50% for one week.

The first game is the Xbox Live enabled Flight Control, the popular strategy and time management game in  which you manage an airport and have to guide planes in for landing.  The game has been discounted from $2.99 to $0.99.

The other game is Sketch Taxi, a Space Taxi refresh in which you have to pick up passengers from platforms and earn enough money to progress the the next level, dodging teleporters, ping pong balls and fighting gravity all the way.  The game was co-developed with john F. Kutcher, the original developer of Space Taxi, and costs $0.99.

Last but not least is the only utility, GPS Voice Navigation, which provides turn by turn GPS navigation using maps from Google®, Bing®, Nokia® and MapQuest® and even offers an off-line mode.  The app costs $3.49.

flightcontrolqr gpsvoiceqr sketchtaxiqr
Flight Control GPS Voice Navigation Sketch Taxi