This is the video Windows Phone fans have been waiting for



The episode where Windows Phone has its day

I am sure Windows Phone fans are pretty tired of Silicon Valley circle jerk, as epitomized to Robert Scoble, where Windows Phone is not just excluded but ignored when it comes to smartphone discussions in some circles, particularly by US journalists.

In the latest episode of This Week In Tech however, episode 475, we for the first time ever see guests turning on host Mike Elgan, with Lee Hutchinson from Ars Technica stepping in with support for the Nokia Lumia 930 and Icon, while Andy Ihnatko from Chicago Sun-times  notes the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the ultimate camera phone, and makes the point that for some users not obsessed with the latest apps Windows Phone is more than enough.

Hopefully we will see this happen more often, not just on air but of course also in store with carrier sales staff.

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